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Mesh Body - ADAM 

On the skin tab you can : 
    - Change your skin texture
    - Change the texture of the neck-joint
    - Change the color fo your skin, nails, toenails, neck-joint
    - You can save your preset color
    - Change your specular (if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preference)
    - And your have some preset texture for your nails and toenails.
On the Alpha tab you can :
    - Remove many part of the body (for wear more easily  mesh fashion)
    - Save 50 of your favorites alpha preset

On the layer tab you can :
    - active any layer -Tattoo -Fashion  "completely or part per part".
    - Switch your layer Masking or blending For debug overlay layer transparency (working only if layer is On)
    - Clear your layer
    - Reback your texture if you have any problem of texture blurring 

INFO for a good result, if you put a layer OFF, Make sure to put this layer in masking mode! like this your have not bug with other layer transparency.

On the Add-on tab you can :
    - Change your Hand pose "Right and left"
    - Change your neck sizes 

Mesh Body - ADAM  COMING SOON ------------------------------ On the skin tab you can :  ------------------------------     -...

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